The importance of natural skincare

Our skin is the largest organ. We need to be selective of what we put on our skin as certain ingredients and chemicals can pass through the skin’s protective barrier and into the bloodstream. Therefore, it makes sense to be responsible in my skin care products and refrain from the use of chemical based ingredients. 

I believe that the foundation of skin care products should be plant-based. Plant-based, botanical ingredients contain all the nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids necessary to nurture, support and strengthen the health and function of the skin.

That's why I developed the Inbar natural skincare range - to create a skincare range that was safe, natural and plant based to establish a healthy skin care routine.

Every one of my products that I formulate is focused on the need of the skin and how that product will meet that need through botanical blends. Botanical blends are the use and combination of plant carrier oils, plant essential oils, plant hydrosols and plant extracts chosen for their therapeutic qualities and benefits. Once the blends are chosen, they are then formulated, crafted and trialled on the effect and impact they have on the health of the skin.


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