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May 24, 2021

In House Hydrosol Distillations

Hydrosols are the by-product of essential oils. However, hydrosols are jammed pack full of photo......
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What I want to share

October 6, 2018
When making skin care products over the years the centre of what I was formulating had to tick these 4 boxes: moisturise and hydrate my skin, maintain a clear and radiant complexion that didn’t need daily make up, be without chemicals or preservatives and be therapeutic an...
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This is something that has been trial and error over the last 10 years. I discovered accidentally that colloidal silver provided broad spectrum anti- bacterial and anti-fungal protection. Colloidal silver is a wonderful skin healer - which is why I had used it and continue t...
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My love of beauty balms

October 6, 2018
Balms are efficient and cost effective as a little bit goes a long. I never have to use a preservative and they provide lasting skin barrier protection. Balms are incredibly nourishing due to the high concentration of oils and butters. These balms have oils that are chosen f...
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